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New STEPS releases ahead, but no new material yet

Posted 22nd Mar 2012 @ 22.46 by GenSTEPS
STEPS Tour Edition CD

Two new STEPS releases are pencilled in. The first is the STEPS Tour Edition CD, which is basically a 2-disc Ultimate Collection, with the second disc containing all the instrumentals of the songs.

There is one omission - Chain Reaction doesn't appear in karaoke form, for some unknown reason.

The second release is a DVD of the Ultimate Tour, pencilled in for October 8th.

Artwork has been released, but we're told this may change once the tour is underway and photographs have been taken.
STEPS Tour Edition CD
In the meantime, take a look at the strange photoshoppery taking place on the Tour Edition CD.

The album cover features one of the early reunion photos that were released, and Lisa's hair has been the subject of some retouching; so why didn't this end up on the album, and which is the original, unmodified shot?

Above: The release photo
Below: The album cover

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