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5, 6, 7, 8

Dance step 1.
Adopt a big smile and take two steps to the right. Do a high clap to the right.
Dance step 2.
Keep smiling! Repeat to the left and then repeat the first two steps again.
Dance step 3.
Place your hands on your hips and swing your hips in a circle to the left and then to the right.
Dance step 4.
Step to the right, stretching your right arm out and up in front of you. Slap your bottom with your other hand as you step!
Dance step 5.
Repeat to your left hand side.
Dance step 6.
Clasp your hands together and point to the left, taking a little jump back. Repeat to the right hand side.
Dance step 7.
Raise your right arm in the air and hold your left arm in front of your chest. Turn around anticlockwise punching the air as you go. That's it!.
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