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Dance step 1.
Put your hands beside your ears in a "Tragedy" pose. Look shocked!
Dance step 2.
Raise your right arm.
Dance step 3.
Raise your left arm to join it!
Dance step 4.
Clasp both your hands to your heart in a protective manner.
Dance step 5.
Stretch both arms out in front of you with your palms facing up.
Dance step 6.
Put your arms up to your head as in Step 1 and take a step to your right.
Dance step 7.
Repeat the same move to the left, and then repeat both moves again.
Dance step 8.
Place your right hand on your hip and step to the left, swinging your right arm out.
Dance step 9.
Repeat the same move to your right.
Dance step 10.
Hold up your arm as if you're stopping traffic!
Dance step 11.
Turn to your right and roll your left shoulder three times. That's it!
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