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The End Of The Road

A promotional poster for the 'Gold Greatest Hits' album STEPS released their
 Greatest Hits album

'Gold Greatest Hits' was released on 15th October 2001, and was promoted using the single 'Chain Reaction'. Fans loved the upbeat cover of the Diana Ross classic, and enjoyed the playful hospital-themed video which accompanied it.

With the Greatest Hits album came three brand new tracks. The new songs were received with mixed opinions; some loved the new songs - including one which was written by STEPS themselves - others hated them but liked having all of STEPS' singles on one CD.

The album release meant yet another tour for STEPS. The Gold Greatest Hits tour featured a lavish stage set, great lightning, extravagant special effects and even a walkway which was lowered above the audience to give everyone a good view of STEPS performing.

The last single from the Gold Greatest Hits album was 'Words Are Not Enough', written in 1999 and released in December 2001. To the dismay of many fans, the video was almost entirely computer animated - costing 200,000 to make - and barely featured STEPS at all. Nevertheless, the single continued STEPS' run of top 5 hits.

Shortly before the final night of their tour, on the 22nd December 2001, H and Claire announced to the rest of the group members that they were leaving the band and handed in their notices. The group had an emotional discussion, and then took to the stage.

Faye cries during the final night of the STEPS tour Emotions ran high during the concert

The last night of the Gold Greatest Hits Tour was broadcast live by pay-per-view provider Sky Box Office. At regular intervals in the show, fans noticed that some members of the group were crying as they left the stage, although many fans assumed the group were just emotional because it was the end of their tour.

On Boxing Day, December 26th 2001, the news that STEPS had split was leaked to the press and appeared on the national news. Fans were devastated, and some were very angry that STEPS had constantly denied the split rumours. People complained that STEPS had only stayed together to ensure that they could sell as many albums as possible before the split, to make more money.

On the STEPS message boards, fans blamed Lee and Lisa for splitting the band, since Lee and Lisa had always said STEPS' music was not what they would listen to personally. The arguements continued until Lisa's mother, Jan, appeared on the message board to set the record straight - it was H and Claire, not Lisa, that had left the group.

A promotional poster for 'The Last Dance' One final album was released

Only a number of weeks after the split, the news appeared that H and Claire were joining up for a new duo project and had signed up to Warner Music. Also news was circulating that Lisa and Faye were planning solo careers.

As 2002 progressed it became apparent that Jive were planning one last STEPS album release. Some news items reported that the album would contain new, unreleased songs and exclusive, previously unreleased remixes. The last STEPS single, 'Baby Don't Dance' was also to be released.

'The Last Dance' was released by Jive Records on the 25th November 2002. The album failed to meet the fans' expectations and contained only b-sides and remixes which were already available on other STEPS CDs. A week before the release of 'Baby Don't Dance', Jive Records cancelled the single. We can only assume that they believed the single would flop, or that the former members of STEPS managed to prevent the release.

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