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Posted 24th Aug 2005 @ 20.05 by Chris
Sun Online

SEXY singer Lisa Scott-Lee admits to using sexy undies to keep the passion alive in her marriage.

Lisa told OK magazine that she keeps the love alive with hubby Johnny Shentall using: "Cards and flowers - and saucy underwear".

The former Steps singer, who married the West End star last year, admitted that it's difficult when their work keeps them apart.

She said: "Marriage is important to both of us as our work is so up and down. Our relationship has been strong.

"I still find it funny. If I hear Johnny introduced as my husband it makes me giggle."

Johnny has been away touring with hit show Starlight Express for a year, and Lisa confessed the long-distance relationship has been difficult.

"Itís been really hard, Iíve missed him terribly" she added.

But her forthcoming MTV show Totally Scott-Lee is keeping her busy - cameras follow Lisa round as she takes on MTVís challenge to release a Top 10 single on October 10.

Showbiz couple ... Lisa and Johnny

She explained: "It shows the trials and tribulations of our relationshipÖ itís a real insight into our private and professional lives.

"Weíve been very very honest in it."

"If I canít get a single into the Top 10 then I have to ask myself why and evaluate the situation but Iím hoping it doesnít come to that."
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