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By, Published 2nd September 2008.

Twelve celebrities are taking to the skies as part of ITV2's brand new reality show CelebAir. We caught up with newly qualified cabin crew member Lisa Scott-Lee to find out more about the series...

Tell us about the new show...
They've taken 12 celebrities and put us through intense training so we are now qualified airline crew both on ground and in the air. We can check people in as well as serving and assisting people up in the air.

How long are you doing it for?
It depends how long we are in the show. There isn't a public vote but we do have mentors, a bit like The Apprentice. They will shadow us and report back and also passengers can fill out forms and give us a rating and say how well we looked after them.

What made you decide to take part?
I like a challenge. Last year I learnt to ice-skate and this year I'm taking to the skies. I think it's nice if you can do a show where you are learning a skill. We've had fire-fighting training and completed a first aid course. Aside from the show it's valuable knowledge. That was what interested me.

How have you found the training?
Honestly, it is so tough I cannot tell you. It's been a lot harder than any of us thought. Normally if you work for an airline you do one or the other - a course in ground or a course in the cabin crew. Basically we had to do all the training within six weeks. We've had about 15 exams which you actually have to pass to be able to start the job.

How have you got on with the other celebrities?
We've all got on really well. I think because we've been going through training together there is a sense of camaraderie. Once the training is finished the competition starts and we will see signs of that. Some people are more competitive than others.

Your husband, ex-Hear-Say member Johnny Shentall, is also taking part in the show. How do you think you will find working with him?
It's been wonderful. We met working - he was one of my backing dancers so we met on tour together many moons ago in my Steps days. It's not out of our comfort zone. It's fantastic to work together and help each other as well.

What do you think of the uniform? It reminds us of something you have worn before...
(Laughing) Oh completely. It's extremely Steps. As soon as we all tried our outfits on everybody was singing Deeper Shade Of Blue. I'm very comfortable with it!

Will you be tempted to do one of your Steps dance routines on the plane instead of the safety demonstration?
Well, we do have to make some announcements on the plane so I'm wondering would it be pushing it too far if I shouted 'tragedy' through the tannoy system? I may well do. (Laughs)

Let's hope there are no nervous passengers on there in that case...
I know! We flew alot in Steps and H was an extremely nervous passenger and, even if there was a bit of turbulence, he'd be screaming like a little piglet. He would squeal and cry so I'm used to handling nervous passengers.

How will you deal with passengers who are frightened of flying?
I think I have a calming nature. I would get down on their level and stroke their knee and tell them not to worry and everything will be ok and offer them a cup of tea!

And what about angry passengers?
I think that might be more difficult to be honest because we've been taught that the passenger is always right. I can be a bit feisty so I might need to bite my lip especially if someone is rude as I don't tolerate rudeness. I was brought up to have good manners so I would find it difficult if somebody doesn't else doesn't have them.

Did the whole experience of doing Totally Scott-Lee not put you off doing another show where you are filmed?
Yes it did but I'm over that now. (Laughing) It did at the time as it was very intrusive but that was different as it was my own MTV series. Here, I'm collectively part of the show and on this one we are learning skills. I wouldn't do my own fly-on-the-wall series again.

You appeared as a Celebrity Big Brother contestant in the final episode of Extras - would you consider doing it for real?
I was offered a place in the Celebrity Big Brother that Kenzie was in but because I had signed up for the MTV show I wasn't able to do it. It's not something that I would rule out. I think it depends on the people you are in with. I really felt for H - I would not have wanted to be in that house with Jade and all the antics that went on there. It's the luck of the draw really who you are in there with.

Are we going to hear any more music from you?
No, not unless Steps get back together. I'm saving myself for a Steps reunion.

Do you think that will happen?
We were so successful that I wouldn't want to do it to tarnish the success we did have. To me, it's not about the money, I'm very protective of Steps - I had the best time. If we did it again it would have to be for the right reasons and the right time as well. We've only been split up seven years - maybe in another few years.

Do you still see each other?
Yes, we spend a lot of time togehter. They all came to my son Jaden's christening earlier this year. We're all very much friends.

Are you enjoying being a mum?
I'm absolutely loving it. Me and Johnny are so lucky, we've got a wonderful little boy who likes his food, he likes his drink. He's a bit like his father. (Laughs) He's a joy and I can't wait to get back to him at the end of the day. We're flying on weekends so during the week we'll be with Jaden. Motherhood is my biggest challenge to date!





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