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Lisa Scott-Lee singing into a microphone
Lisa Scott-Lee
Concept Records
(2005 - present)

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By Generation STEPS

Lisa Scott-Lee has grown up, well, that's according to her official website! Lisa didn't rest on her laurels after the STEPS split, and signed a record deal with Mercury Records on her birthday, the 5th of November 2002. Lisa's debut single as a solo postrel was disco belter 'Lately', and showed Lisa really could strut her stuff alone. The public was inspired, and Lisa entered the charts at 6.

Lisa released her next single, 'Too Far Gone', a huge hit with the fans, despite narrowly missing the top 10 (entering at 11). Then strangely, as H&Claire had before her, Lisa Scott-Lee disappeared.

Finally news emerged, and fans discovered Lisa had 'parted ways' with record label Mercury due to disappointing sales. Fans were distraught, since Lisa had recorded an album during her time at Mercury - the infamous 'Unleashed' - and they were concerned they would never get to hear Lisa's album of sheer pop genious.

Lisa and the Ministry Of Sound

Lisa teamed up with dance act 'Intenso Project' for a collaboration. Signed to the Ministry Of Sound label, the group released dance record 'Get It On', and although topping the club charts, only reached a disappointing 23 in the UK Singles Chart.

Totally Scott-Lee

Lisa signed a deal in 2004 to make a documentary with MTV, following the release of her next single. MTV gave Lisa just five weeks to find a song, record it, and release it.

On the 10th October 2005, Lisa released 'Electric', a song penned by Guy Chambers and Ben Adams, belting out a more mature sound, coupled with knowing lyrics and a fantastic club beat.

The show was a huge success; it became MTV UK's most watched programme, and 'Electric' charted at 13 - a huge improvement on her previous position - showing that Lisa is still in high demand.

A Bright Future

Lisa has great plans, backed by her record company, Concept, with plans to release 'Electric' overseas, as well her debut album - 'Never Or Now' - which she hopes to release for her fans in the UK.




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